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The EMCA General Assembly held in Piraeus, Greece on the eve of EMCA’s 10th anniversary

On Friday the 29th of September, EMCA held it’s bi-annual assembly in which the members actively took part in the election of the new President and board members. Today, we are proud to announce the current percentage of female representatives in EMCA’s executive Board is 57%.

New president and board members

At the General Assembly various administrative issues were addressed, including the extraordinary election for of a new president and some board members were also appointed.

Christina Tsilgikiri was officially appointed the 3rd President of EMCA, with Federico Eichberg being appointed as Honorary President of EMCA. Gabriella Bascelli was elected as the new Director for Marketing and Communication and Menelaos Demetriou appointed as a reserve member of the Auditing Body.  Cristian Fabrizi was appointed as a new legal representative in Belgium.

With the new appointments, there is now a majority of female representation in the EMCA’s executive boards, which now stands at 57%. The new EMCA boards now consists of the following individuals: 

Christina Tsilgikiri (Olympiacos) – President of EMCA

Vanina Milanova (Levski) – President of the Assembly

Gina Luzzatto – Secretary General 

Gabriella Bascelli (Lazio) – Board Director for Marketing and Communication

Bojan Mijatović (HAŠK Mladost) – Board Director for Development

Malte Kalsbach (TSV Bayer) – Board Director for Finances

Martijn Looren de Jong – Board Director for Project Management

Auditing body members are: Kenneth Cortsen (Aalborg), Mile Samardžić (Red Star), Balint Maté (Ferencvaros), with Menelaos Demetriou (Panionios) being the reserve members. 

Welcome to our new members

We are delighted to officially welcome our two new members, Budapesti Egyetemi Atlétikai Club from Hungary and NPC Rieti from Italy.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of engagement, FC Budućnost Podgorica was excluded from the membership of EMCA.

Heritage, Legacy, Culture

During the assembly, the board proudly commemorated the milestone anniversaries of WSC (Austria) which is celebrating 140 years, our new member BEAC (Hungary) 125 years and HAŠK Mladost (Croatia) which is celebrating 120 years anniversary.

Gala dinner

EMCA’s 10 years we have celebrated at a Gala dinner hosted in Piraeus Greece. The gala dinner was hosted by Olympiacos SFP, together with municipality partners for all the EMCA members and partners that were in Piraeus. All guests enjoyed an traditional Greek dinner, providing the perfect opportunity for networking between the club representatives and partners.

An extract from the statement of the new president of EMCA Christina Tsiligkiri:

“I must add that it is a very emotional day for all of us. EMCA’s 10th anniversary marks the dawn of a new era for our association. An era heralded by Federico’s vision and innovative way of thinking. Federico was always one step ahead constantly looking to expand our association, increase its presence in the world of sports and develop its own structure. I am more than sure that – as honorary chairman – he will continue to support our actions and provide advice based on his experience and insight. I want to thank him once again for his offer. I am honored that you have appointed me as president and I promise that I will work hard from day one.

Restructuring EMCA has been our primary focus over the past two years. We have laid the foundations for a new results-oriented EMCA that can effectively develop partnerships with the world of sport. At the same time, our ten-year efforts have contributed to projecting EMCA as a capable participant in a number of European programs.

Today, EMCA can proudly say that it has managed to design and manage several projects. An activity, the essence of which is to strengthen our ranks with the expected profits. EMCA is gradually becoming a reliable partner of the European Union. EMCA’s stakeholder network is constantly expanding. The EMCA brand is now synonymous with success.

….our plan for the coming years…..  high priority to our participation – as EMCA and not as individuals – in European programs. 

Second, we will present our strategic marketing plan in order to increase our awareness and attract a desired clientele…..

Third, we will focus our efforts on expanding our organization. We invite new members to join us. ….”

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