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EU TeqGames Open Days are done

As part of the EU Teq Games project, of which EMCA is coordinator, each partner club had to host an Open Day where the children and adults of all ages, genders and abilities were able to try out the various games that can be played on a Teq Table.

The partner clubs included:

  • Aalborg (Denmark)
  • Feyenoord (Netherlands)
  • HASK Mladost (Croatia)
  • Lazio Teqball (Italy)
  • Levski Sport for All (Bulgaria)
  • Olympiacos (Greece)

The Open Days were a resounding success with over 1224 participants taking part overall. The events were held at certain schools, clubs sporting facilities and even in outdoor squares. In general, Teqball was the main sport played and the level of interest for this sport, particularly from boys, was very high. Girls on the other hand wanted to try TeqVoley. These Open Days also included the promotion of healthy living with guidelines and workshops given to all participants on healthy food to eat and drink. By having these days, clubs were able to encourage more people, especially children, to sign up at the clubs to train and play the game, and ultimately try and partake in the upcoming EURO Teq Games.

Watch the video on how it was at each Open Day event.

EU TeqGames Open Day in Zagreb, by HASK Mladost

On May 18, 2024, European Square in Zagreb buzzed with excitement as over 120 children officially took part in the EU TeqGames Open Day. The outdoor event not only attracted participants but also piqued the interest of passersby, drawing them into the world of Teq sports. This vibrant day saw children aged 6 to 17, with 75% of the participants being male, engaging in a variety of Teq sports including Teqball, Teqvoly, Teqpong, Teqis, and Qatch.

Despite the challenges of hosting an outdoor event, we managed to include a short but impactful talk on nutrition. This session, coupled with the distribution of over 300 pamphlets, provided valuable health information to participants, parents, and curious onlookers.

In collaboration with the Croatian Teqball Association, the event ran smoothly from 10 AM to 12 PM. It was a fantastic opportunity for visitors to learn and play Teq sports, and the enthusiasm was palpable. Within an hour after the event, two individuals had already expressed interest in training, highlighting the immediate impact of the Open Day.

Approximately 100 children and teenagers took part in the games, with around 50 adults also joining in. Experts were on hand to explain the benefits of Teqball for physical and mental health, and to offer advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Informative talks emphasized the importance of incorporating sports into daily routines. The nutritional leaflets distributed at the event provided practical advice on balanced diets, healthy meal examples, and tips for both children and adults.

These collective efforts not only promoted Teq sports but also contributed to the overall health and well-being of the community.

To further boost our outreach, we produced a series of dynamic promo videos featuring highlights from our Open Days events. The European Multisport Club Association (EMCA), as the coordinator, created an engaging video showcasing the excitement and community spirit of these events, and shared it across all their social media platforms. HAŠK Mladost contributed with two impactful videos: an interview explaining what Teqball is, how to play it, and how to participate in the project, and a short, energetic promo video. Other partners also made their own videos and photos from the Open Days, all of which are available on their social media accounts.

We invite you to check out the photo gallery and the promo video from the event to experience the energy and excitement of the EU TeqGames Open Day in Zagreb!

Long promo video
Short promo video

Photos: Tomislav Franić
Videos: Duje Brečić

EU TeqGames Open Day in Piraeus, by Olympiacos

On May 13, 2024, the vibrant city of Piraeus witnessed a spectacular event as Olympiacos hosted their TeqGames Open Day. The event was a huge success, drawing more than 230 children and several adults to participate in a day filled with sports, learning, and fun.

The participants were warmly welcomed and received special T-shirts emblazoned with the project logo and a list of the participating clubs, creating a sense of unity and excitement among the attendees. The sight of children proudly wearing their new T-shirts added to the festive atmosphere of the day.

To emphasize the importance of healthy living, the organizers placed banners around the event area displaying nutritional guidelines. These guidelines were further reinforced by the organizers throughout the event, ensuring that both children and adults were reminded of the benefits of good nutrition.

In line with this healthy theme, fruit such as bananas and oranges, along with water, were provided to all participants. These refreshments kept everyone energized and hydrated, supporting the active participation of all attendees.

The outdoor event was very well received by the participants. The children, ranging in age and brimming with enthusiasm, eagerly engaged in various Teq sports activities. The presence of some adults also added to the community spirit, making it a true family event.

The success of this Open Day not only showcased the popularity and appeal of Teq sports but also set a positive tone for the upcoming 1st EU Teq Games, scheduled to take place in Piraeus later this year. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from participants indicate a bright future for Teq sports in the region.

Olympiacos is thrilled with the outcome and looks forward to building on this momentum as they prepare for the upcoming EU Teq Games. The event demonstrated the power of sport to bring people together, promote healthy living, and create lasting memories.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in Piraeus for the 1st EU Teq Games later this year! Let’s continue to celebrate the growth and excitement of Teq sports together.

EU TeqGames Open Day in Aalborg

In early May, Aalborg held their TeqGames Open Day at their club’s training facilities. While the turnout was relatively low, with 52 children in attendance, the event was marked by enthusiasm and a love for Teqball, the most popular Teq sport in Aalborg.

The children, aged between 7 and 14 years, eagerly participated in the day’s activities. Although only three girls joined the event, their presence added to the diverse mix of young athletes ready to learn and play. The certified coaches at Aalborg took this opportunity to impart their knowledge and passion for Teqball to the attendees. They started with an introduction to the general rules of the game, ensuring that every child, regardless of prior experience, understood the basics.

Following the introductory session, the coaches delved into the specifics of Teqball. This sport, which combines elements of soccer and table tennis, captivated the children. They were shown various techniques and strategies, with demonstrations that highlighted the skill and precision required to excel. The hands-on experience allowed the kids to grasp the game’s intricacies and nuances, sparking a genuine interest and excitement.

Despite the smaller group, the focused attention from the coaches ensured that each child received personalized guidance. This individualized approach helped build confidence and foster a deeper understanding of Teqball. The children practiced their newly learned skills, engaging in friendly matches that showcased their rapid progress and growing enthusiasm.

The Aalborg TeqGames Open Day may have had a modest turnout, but it was a valuable and enriching experience for those who attended. The event successfully promoted Teqball, providing the children with not only a fun day of activity but also a strong foundation in this unique and engaging sport.

As Aalborg continues to nurture young talent and promote Teqball, we look forward to seeing more children, including a greater number of girls, participating in future events. The passion and dedication demonstrated by both the coaches and the young athletes at this Open Day set a positive tone for the future of Teq sports in Aalborg.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating the growth and excitement of Teq sports in our community!

EU TeqGames in Rotterdam, by Feyenoord

On May 2, 2024, the Feyenoord Sports Plaza in Rotterdam came alive with the sounds of excited children and enthusiastic coaches as Feyenoord hosted their TeqGames Open Day. The event attracted up to 130 young participants, predominantly boys, with 85% male and 15% female children aged between 6 and 12 years.

The day was filled with energy and joy as the children gathered to explore the world of Teq sports. While it was unfortunate that no disabled children participated this time, the event nonetheless provided a fantastic opportunity for those who attended to engage in physical activity, learn new skills, and have fun in a supportive environment.

Feyenoord’s certified coaches kicked off the event by welcoming the children and outlining the day’s activities. They emphasized the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and having fun. The children were then divided into groups and rotated through various stations, each focusing on different Teq sports, with a particular emphasis on Teqball.

Throughout the day, the young participants were taught the basic rules and techniques of Teqball, a sport that merges elements of soccer and table tennis. The coaches demonstrated various skills, from serving to volleying, and provided hands-on guidance to ensure that every child could participate and enjoy the game. The interactive and engaging approach helped the children quickly pick up the new sport, leading to many smiles and moments of triumph.

To keep everyone refreshed and energized, fruit and water were provided to all participants and coaches. This healthy snack option not only helped maintain the children’s energy levels but also underscored the importance of proper nutrition in sports. The coaches set a great example by staying hydrated and enjoying the fruit alongside the children.

The Feyenoord TeqGames Open Day was a resounding success, fostering a love for Teq sports among the young attendees and highlighting the benefits of physical activity and healthy living. The event also strengthened the sense of community at the Feyenoord Sports Plaza, bringing together children, parents, and coaches in a celebration of sport and camaraderie.

As we look forward to future events, Feyenoord remains committed to promoting inclusive and enjoyable sporting opportunities for all children. We hope to see even more diverse participation in the next TeqGames Open Day, including children of all abilities.

Stay connected with us for more updates and join us in celebrating the continued growth and excitement of Teq sports in Rotterdam!

EU TeqGames Open Days in Sofia, by Levski

Levski Sport for All recently organized two impactful Open Days at different schools within their community, demonstrating their commitment to promoting Teq sports and healthy living. The first event took place on April 25, 2024, followed by another in May 2024, collectively engaging 270 participants. These included predominantly children, alongside enthusiastic adults eager to participate in the activities.

Each participant received a participation certificate, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging among the children. This gesture highlighted Levski Sport for All’s dedication to recognizing and celebrating the efforts of every individual involved.

The Open Days were strategically held in underprivileged areas of the city, underscoring Levski Sport for All’s mission to reach and positively impact diverse communities. Nutritional wellbeing was a central theme throughout the events, with informative banners, pamphlets distributed to children and parents, and nutritious food and drinks provided. To ensure ongoing education, the schools have prominently displayed these materials, reinforcing the importance of healthy living beyond the event itself.

Levski SFA’s presence at the schools was marked by the participation of President Lusien Velchev, Secretary General Vanina Milanova, Head Coach Ivo Velchev, and four dedicated coaches. Reflecting on the success of the Open Days, Vanina Milanova remarked, “We were thrilled to involve the entire school community, with significant participation from female students. This project embodies key EU priorities that we strive to uphold daily within our club.”

The positive impact of Levski Sport for All’s initiatives extends far beyond the Open Days, fostering community engagement, promoting health awareness, and inspiring future generations through the spirit of Teq sports. As they continue to lead by example, Levski Sport for All remains committed to creating lasting benefits for their community and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates as we celebrate the ongoing success and impact of Teq Games with Levski Sport for All!

International Collaboration Kickstarts a Digital Transformation Platform for Sports Clubs

European Multisport Club Association, in partnership with the TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen and backed by a consortium of global leaders including GSIC powered by Microsoft, the University of Cyprus, Olympiacos SFP, HASK Mladost, and Levski, has announced the launch of a groundbreaking project under the name “DigiRoot – Making Sport Clubs Future Ready”. This international initiative is set to develop a comprehensive platform aimed at guiding sports clubs through the digital transformation process, a project funded by the European Commission. 

Tackling Digital Challenges in Sports Clubs 

In the face of various operational challenges such as time constraints, limited IT knowledge, volunteer dependency, and traditional management practices, sports clubs across the globe have struggled to keep pace with the digital era. This project recognizes the critical need for digitalization to alleviate the administrative burdens on club offices, enhance volunteer recruitment and management, and facilitate more inclusive access to sports clubs through technological solutions. 

“The need for digital transformation in sports clubs has never been more acute,” said the project leader Malte Kalsbach. “With the decline in sports club memberships amid various crises, it’s clear that the traditional club model is under existential threat. Our goal is to empower these clubs, enabling them to thrive in today’s digital landscape without the burden of excessive costs or the need for specialized IT expertise.” 

A Comprehensive Digital Platform for all Sports Clubs 

The proposed platform will serve as a free, easily accessible resource for sports clubs seeking to navigate the complexities of digital transformation. It will provide a digital check feature to help clubs assess their current state and identify areas for improvement, showcase successful use cases of digital integration, present useful digital tools, offer step-by-step implementation guides, and provide educational materials on relevant topics like change management. 

How to Participate 

Joining this pioneering initiative is straightforward. Sports clubs, administrators, and volunteers eager to embark on their digital transformation journey are invited to: 

  • Visit the project’s official website at 
  • Subscribe to the website to receive the latest updates, resources, and access to the digital transformation tools. 
  • Fill out the survey to identify the most pressing issues around digitalization in sports clubs. 

By subscribing, participants will gain firsthand access to a wealth of information and the opportunity to be part of a supportive network of clubs undergoing digital transformation.  


Cristian Fabrizi awarded BNYM Brussels Employee of the Year 2023

EMCA is proud to announce that our voluntary delegate and advisor, Cristian Fabrizi, has been named the BNYM Brussels Employee of the Year 2023!

“It’s an honor to be recognized for my Middle Office expertise, client appreciation, and leadership skills. I’m grateful to have led a highly successful client event in our new Brussels premises.”
I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to my colleagues for nominating me and to the BNYM Belgium Management Council for selecting me. Your encouragement and support means the world to me. A special shoutout to Gael Nicora, Beatriz Molina, Peter Kasteel, myriam mennes, Ellie Blondeel, and Mieke De Schamphelaere.”

Cristian continues; “I’m also grateful for the guidance and mentorship of my manager, Martin Barron. Thank you for your unwavering support and leadership throughout the years. I want to thank Marnix Zwartbol for his precious guidance and for giving me the opportunity to grow within the BNYM European Bank. Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to my wife, Marta I., for always being a source of inspiration, and to my parents who, unfortunately, have left us too early.”

Congratulations Cristian, we are honoured to have you as part of our team!


During the second day of the EU Sport Forum, EMCA’s President of the Assembly, Vanina Milanova, was asked to be a panelist together with André Seabra, Andreas Paulsen and Michael Omann. The panel concerned lifelong sport which is a concept the European Commission is promoting through active lifestyles to combat the sedentary crisis.

Vanina presented the Erasmus+ “FUNNY” project which was led by Levski Sport for All and implemented in collaboration with Panserraikos and Pontevecchio Bologna, all EMCA club members. Vanina explained, “In line with the topic of the EU Sports Forum today regarding lifelong sport and healthy lifestyles, our project was aimed at the promotion of regular school sporting activity for pre-adolescents aged between 7 and 12 in order to combat early sport abandonment, increase children’s socialization skills, combat juvenile violence and transmit, in general, good examples through sport.”

The President of EMCA Christina Tsiligkiri added, “Attending the EU Sport Forum, I had the honour of representing the European Multisport Club Association (EMCA) and participating in discussions focused on critical issues for sports and society within the European Union. One of the main topics explored was the connection of the European Union’s values with the Olympic Games, aiming to highlight the role of sports as a catalyst for promoting shared ideals and enhancing European identity. Additionally, we discussed the sustainability of sports facilities, focusing on the increasingly important use of technology to improve energy efficiency and resource conservation.

Finally, gender equality was a central topic of our discussions and was thoroughly examined. It is vital to fully integrate the principles of equality in all aspects of sports, from access and participation to recognition and rewards. Active promotion of gender equality in sports can help combat stereotypes and support substantive justice, strengthening sports as a field for everyone, regardless of gender.”

EU Sports Forum 2024

The first day df the EU Sports Forum was held in Liege, Belgium today organised by the European Commission in support of the continuous dialogue with the European and international sport community. It is a central meeting point between sport organisations, representatives of the EU Institutions and Member States exchanging views on the current and future sport policies. The European Multisport Club Association which was endorsed by the European Commission in 2013 was represented by the President Christina Tsiligkiri, Director of Development Bojan Mijatovic and Vanina Milanova former President of EMCA and current President of the Assembly.

In the run up to Paris 2024, this year’s Forum took a look into the connection between EU and Olympic values and focused on some of the most topical issues in the sport sector, such as integrity, sustainability and gender equality. It was interesting to listen to the key speakers in the High Level Panel and the Olympian and Paralympic athletes and learn from their experiences.