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International EMCA Conference “Multisport & Municipality’ held with great success

For two days, the Peace and Friendship Stadium in Piraeus (Greece) was at the center of European sports, where on Saturday September 30, the International Conference on “Multisports & Municipality” was held. With the presence of representatives of EMCA and member clubs, as well as members of the local government, the opening remarks were given by Tomasz Frankowski (European Parliament member) and Yves Le Lostecque (Head of Unit of European Commission). The keynote speech was given by Massimiliano Montonari from ICSS (the International Center for Sport Security). There was an exchange of views on topics such as of the accessibility and inclusion in sports infrastructure, cooperation with local government to create better sports facilities, as well as encouraging participation in sports activities. 

At the conference held in the Melina Merkouri hall of the Stadium of Peace and Friendship, the general public were also present, who in fact made the conference even more interactive as they participated with their questions.

In the first part of the conference, there were presentations and an exchange of views around the theme of what multisports means for local governments and how the two parties can help each other. The second part concerned the development of green and inclusive sports facilities. Finally, the third and last part of the conference dealt with the topic relating to the difference that multisports can make to each individual.

Special thanks are given to all speakers and moderators, namely: 

Diogo GUIA, Adrianna ZARAKELI, Paolo BERTACCINI, Martijn LOOREN de JONG, Christina TSILIGKIRI, Voula KOZOMPOLI, Balint MATE, Stavroula ANTONAKOU, Dimitris NAKOS, Gabriella BASCELLI, Malte KALSBACH, Jordi ESCRIBA, Denis LAFOUX, Alberto BICHI and Bojan MIJATOVIĆ.

Interesting opinions were heard from both the representatives and audience members, as well as the representatives watching it online. The full conference can be viewed online here.

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