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Erasmus+ Sport: twelve Projects for EMCA Clubs will start in 2020


Sport & Diabetes (led by TSV Bayer Leverkusen): focused on the benefits of sport for people, especially youngsters,  affected by diabetes.

EMCA participating Partners: HASK Mladost, Olympiacos SFP, Lazio Pallavolo, Wiener SC

APProaching to a sport&health lifestyLE – APPLE (led by S.S. Lazio Atletica): inspired by the “Tartu Call for Healthy Lifestyle”, this project – through meetings in schools with students – is aimed to sensitize young people about the importance of sport and health.

EMCA Participating Partners: Aalborg, Polisportiva Pontevecchio, Crvena Zvezda, HASK Mladost, Olympiacos SFP, Levski Sport for All, Feyenoord.


Football for Active aging, Inclusion and Together Healthy – FAITH (led by Levski Sport for All): proposes to pursue some important European objective such as social inclusion, equal opportunities and enhancing physical activity for elderly people through the crucial role played by three Multisport clubs in Europe.

EMCA Participating Partners: Ferencvarosi Torna Club, S.S. Lazio Calcio a 8.

Disability Watersports (led by Olympiacos SFP):  this project is focused on the social integration of people with disabilities through sport, especially watersports.

EMCA Participating Partners: Crvena Zvezda, S.S. Lazio Nuoto, Sport Management.


EMCA Clubs are present in other eight projects (collaborative partnerships) as partners. In few of them, more than one EMCA Club is partner:

  • Levski Sport For All (1):
    • Doping Raising AWareness among youths in Sport recreational environments;
  • Everton In the Community (1):
    • Inter-Active Living for Mental Health;
  • Sporting Clube de Portugal (1):
    • Keep calm, there’s a talent over there!;
  • Ferencvarosi Torna Club (1):
    • Scoring for Health2020;
  • Feyenoord (1):
    • Scoring for Health2020;
  • HASK Mladost (4):
    • SKILLS by SPORT 4 MED;
    • Opportunities for inclusion of vulnerable youth through sport;
    • Doping Raising AWareness among youths in Sport recreational environments;
    • Change your mind, coach;
  • Aalborg (1):
    • Community Football Drivers for social inclusion in deprived districts;
  • Wiener SC (1):
    • Community Football Drivers for social inclusion in deprived districts.

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