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TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen

Main Achievements:

35 olympic medals, including 10 in gold
Our gold medalists:
Willi Holdorf: Tokyo 1964, decathlon
Ulrike Meyfahrt: Munich 1972, high jump; Los Angeles 1984, high jump
Heide Rosendahl: Munich 1972,long jump and 4x100m
Arnd Schmitt: Seoul 1988, fencing (single); Barcelona 1992, fencing (team)
Dieter Baumann: Barcelona 1992, 5.000m
Heike Henke: Barcelona 1992, high jump
Britte Heidemann: Peking 2008, fencingParalympics:
82 paralympic medals, including 32 in gold
Our gold medalists:
Britta Siegers: New York 1984, 2x gold swimming; Seoul 1988, swimming; Barcelona 1992, 5x swimming
Rudolf Dürrer: Seoul 1988, stand volleyball; Barcelona 1992, stand volleyball
Petra Buddelmeyer: Seoul 1988, 4x gold 100m, 200m, 400m, shot put
Peter Herrmann: Seoul 1988, shot put
Bernd Heinrich Seoul 1988, stand volleyball; Barcelona 1992, stand volleyball
Manfred Kohl: Seoul 1988, stand volleyball; Barcelona 1992, stand volleyball; Atlanta 1996, stand volleyball; Sydney 2000, stand volleyball

Reference Website:

Karl Quade: Seoul 1988, stand volleyball
Siegmund Soicke: Seoul 1988, stand volleyball
Jörg Frischmann: Barcelona 1992, shot put
Roberto Simonazzi: Barcelona 1992, pentathlon
Bernard Schmidl: Barcelona 1992, stand volleyball; Atlanta 1996, stand volleyball; Sydney 2000, stand volleyball
Franz Josef Weißenfels: Barcelona 1992, stand volleyball; Atlanta 1996, stand volleyball
Michaela Daamen: Sydney 2000, shot put
Britta Jänicke: Sydney 2000, shot put
Katrin Green: Beijing 2008, 200m
Birgit Kober: London 2012, 2x gold javelin, shot put
Heinrich Popow: London 2012, 100m
Markus Rehm: London 2012, long jumpCompetition sports:
Baskteball, boxing, cheerleading, fencing, fistball, handball, judo, rhythmic gymnastics, volleyball
>50 german championships
>20 german cup victories
>25 european- and world championships

The sports club TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen in his present-day structure was generated with the fusion of the sportclubs „Sportvereinigung Bayer 04 Leverkusen“ and „Turn- und Spielverein Bayer 04 Leverkusen“ in 1984.

Today TSV Bayer 04 has circa 10.000 members in 13 departments, which cover  the leisure sports, parasports and competitive sports sectors with all age groups. The club is counted among to the most succesful clubs in germany with its long tradition in leisure sports, ten olympic gold, 13 silver and eleven bronze medals, as well as 66 paralympic medals.

TSV Bayer 04 stands for an outstanding encouragement of young talents. Parallel to the athletic apprenticeship we focus on the educational and occupational supervision for our young athletes.

The basis for your success are motivated members, high-performanced athletes, qualified instructors, full-time trainers, commited employees, voluntary assistants, own sports facilities and – especially – the sports sponsorship of Bayer AG.

With these unique premisses we want sustainable enthuse more people about sports with all its facettes. We are convinced, that we can improve the quality of life and vitality of many people from Leverkusen and its surroundings with our progam.

TSV Bayer 04 will focus on four sectors today and in the future:

  • Competitive sports to continue living the achievment-oriented thinking and to transport important social values connected to fair competitions.
  • Leisure sports, to convey a lot of people fun in physical training and an active responsibility for their health.
  • Children and youth sports to sustainable brace the joy of movement and fun with sports, and also support and shape responsibly talented young athletes.
  • Parasports to afford all disabled people the participation to the full range of sports and improve their quality of life.

We are a huge mutually supportive community in sports and we want to establish ourselves as an attractive address in the sports community.

Furthermore our plan is to site the quality brand TSV Bayer 04 Leverkusen as an professional partner to sponsors, organizations and corporations today and in the future.

Our claim is an expression of our volition to carry on adopting comprehensive social responsibility:
TSV Bayer 04 – sport is our passion!