The launch of the 7th edition of EWoS

23rd September 2021 was the launch of the 7th edition of EWoS (European Week of Sport) and the 2nd time that Slovenia celebrates this day as the European Day of Sport – the only European country that has a national holiday of sport.
The day started with a programme in the Ljubljana park of Tivoli with 30 various sports being presented. Participants had the chance to try out all of these sports – more than 2.000 children and several veteran clubs were there, together with 150 representatives of European sport organisations.
The mascot of this edition of EWoS was Foxy – shown here on the stand, next to the Commissioner Mariya GABRIEL.
The rest of the programme was held at the beautiful venue of Bled, Slovenia, under the presidency of Slovenia.
Bled has a strong tradition in sports – starting with rowing more than 130 years ago – comparable to the age of average EMCA clubs.‚Äč