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Tag: Sports and Diabetes

Brussels, kick-off Meeting for Sport&Diabetes Project

The goals would be achieved by producing a practical publication concentrated on people who already have diabetes and their inclusion in sport both through clubs and school and spreading awareness about the link of physical activity and easier diabetes regulation using the large networks of the partners in this project.

The coordinator TSV Bayer Leverkusen and the partners IDF Europe (International Diabetes Federation Europe region), HAŠK Mladost (Croatia), Olympiakos (Greece), Lazio Volley (Italy) and Wiener Sport Club (Austria) will tackle the problems of persons with diabetes when trying to participate in sport. The project is a part of Erasmus+ Sport action and is co-founded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

In the next 30 months, we will encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport for kids and young adults with type 1 Diabetes. Main objective is to enable children to do sport by educating and raising awareness of the stakeholders about diabetes and doing sport.

The goals of the project would be to address the fact that persons with diabetes type 1 can participate in sports just as any other person who does not have diabetes. To do all of that it will be important to educate stakeholders on how to handle the risk concerning diabetes and reduce fears that lead to the exclusion of children with diabetes.