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New targets, ambitions and projects: EMCA General Assembly in Brussels

The aim of the meeting was to summarize activities and projects done in the last year and programme together next steps towards the 2020 Erasmus+ Sport Call for Proposals. The meeting represented also an important opportunity to enlarge our network, with acceptance of four new members, that share with EMCA a sensibility towards Multisport: Chievo Verona and Polisportiva Partenope from Italy, Fecht Club Graz from Austria and MSG Panserraikos Club from Greece.

Then, the dialogue among clubs went through different topics, including the creation of a specific group of Multisport representatives created to guide EMCA through our increasing growing process.

After this intense session, partners analysed 2019 not successful project applications, aiming to represent them in this Erasmus+ Cal for Proposals. Several new ideas were also presented by many Clubs, who started to shape their collaborative partnerships for turning them into our next Multisport projects.