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HASK Mladost

Foundation Year: 1903

Number of sport section: 29

Number of Athletes: ca. 4500

Awards: Awarded by the City of Zagreb – for 100 years of Continuity

Owner of the Mladost Sport Park in Zagreb

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1903 – Foundation of Akademski Sport Club – First time in these parts of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy a sport club inspired by similar sport organisations from Western Europe, especially Great Britain has been established with the primary goal to bring sports closer to the society. Almost all of the founders were involved in fencing and the first sport they promoted was football.

1904 – Already at the beginning fo its work the founded society has received national values as part of its constituting and therefore the name is changed into Hrvatski Akademski Športski Klub shortened as HAŠK (Croatian Academic Sport Club). Under this name the organisation developed until 1945 when at that point having more than 15 different sport sections it was abolished because no organisation was allowed to be named „Croatian“ after the Partisan Liberation.

1946 – After several changes and fusions between various parts of the sport society, the name is changed to ASD Mladost – Akademsko Sportsko Društvo Mladost (Academic Sport Society Mladost (in Croatian Youth, Latin Iuventus).

1990  – With democratic changes in Croatia the association integrates all the names from history and thus becomes Hrvatski Akademski Sportski Klubovi Mladost (shortened as HAŠK Mladost) and also receives approval from the Rector of the University of Zagreb to use the name of the University, so the full name thus becomes HASK Mladost of the University of Zagreb.

Most famous clubs: Water Polo, Volleyball, Athletic, Swimming Clubs

Oldest sport in HAŠK Mladost: Fencing