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GSM Panserraikos

Historical data

The Musician Gymnastic Club of Panserraikos was founded on May 31,1964, by the merger of two Serres football clubs, Apollo Serres and Hercules Serres.

The MGC Panserraikos historical team, based in Serres, since 1964, has developed great dynamism, in dozens of sports, in its 55 years of operation throughout the Greek territory. Panserraikos club currently counts 13+1 active teams in men and women (football, basketball, swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, technical swimming, handball, ice hockey, cycling, triathlon, track and field, alpine skiing) and has a total more than 600 registered athletes competing in national and local championships, while 700 young athletes are practicing and training in our academies. A special honor for the club is the Wheelchair Basketball Team, which participates in the A2 Championship of the Greek Wheelchair Basketball Federation.

The flagship of the club, is the football team, which has measured significant successes in the past at the first division of Greek football. Also Panserraikos FC has won 6 national championships in second and third division. The swimming section also has its own success stories, where our team competes with the top clubs in the country, with firsts, major records and participation of our athletes in European and world championships. The synchronized swimming team, measures 6 Hellenic championships, while the men’s water polo, handball and basketball teams have won several leagues and rises in the lower National Championships of our country.

Club Philosophy

The vision of MGC Panserraikos

To become the most important club in East Macedonia and Thrace, inside and outside the field and its establishment, in the elite of Greek Sports. Promoting “fair play”, through training and continuous coaching, of athletes, and executives, according to sporting ideals, and the values of MGC Panserraikos.   

Enhance brand-name with privately-owned facilities including, training facilities, athlete hosting facilities, and a new stadium.

The mission of MGC Panserraikos

The existence of a multicultural club, with a leading figure in the football field, in the wider area of the Prefecture of Serres, who will be respectful of the society and the sporting world, of the values and the goal achievements, contributing to the fulfillment of their expectations members and supporters.

The values of MGC Panserraikos

  • Transparency        
  • Sustainability         
  • Excellence 
  • Effort
  • Teamwork  
  • Ambition      
  • Humility       
  • Spirit-Winner         
  • Athletic ethics       
  • Education

Club Targets

Rise in professional divisions       

MGC Panserraikos and the story he carries, impose the presence of the club on the upper layers of every Greek sports Association. At the same time with the wider group rebirth at all levels, the main goal of the board is the rapid and steady return of Panserraikos to professional classes, in football, basketball and volleyball.   

Establishment of facilities 

  • Training Center: There is a provision for the utilization of a hundreds acres of land, at the Omonoia Sports Center of Serres, where already there are the supplementary pitches of some our teams. The target is in the next years, MGC Panserraikos, to acquire its own training center that will house all sports, with the possibility of hospitality, of all the first team athletes of our group, as well as of the infrastructure departments. The plan includes hostels, dining and locker rooms as well as training areas, athletes, coaches and executives.              
  • Construction an Aqua Arena, construction a new Indoor Gym and reconstruction or creation a new one Football stadium: The Greek state has approved the creation of a new state-of-the-art swimming pool, which will meet the needs of all sections of the wetland of Panserraikos team. In this motif there is the corresponding plan for the creation a new indoor gym that will accommodate all indoor sports, like basketball, volleyball and handball. Also, an ambitious but realistic plan for the current administration of MGC Panserraikos is the reconstruction of the football team’s historic stadium, in the center of the city or the creation of a new one, in the land, at the Omonoia Sports Center of Serres. All these is the basic goal of Panserraikos Board to acquire the club, its own stadiums, without state or other dependencies, giving prestige and greatly strengthening the profile of the club.     

Creating clubs’ own academies   

Creation of new proprietary facilities to accommodate all sports infrastructure components, is the main concern of the administration. The ‘red academies’ of all Panserraikos sections is very important target.

Create a commercial network                  

In order to meet the consumer needs of Serres fan. Will be promote branded products as well as for clothing with the brand name of MGC Panserraikos to generate revenue growth in core young fans. Through the e-shop and the development of merchandising from a set of actions such as:   

  • Merchandising in sufficient quantities
  • Placement at the right points of sale
  • Development the headlights from website & Social Media   
  • Growth the sponsorship especially the match days