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SWinG partners need you: call for mentors and mentees

For the first time, a collaborative partnership – led by Fédération Française du Sport d’Entreprise – FFSE – unites different intersectorial partiers to develop a common strategy to support women who aspire to be leaders in sport, reaching higher positions in the government of sport. Thanks to this three-year project, partners will work together to develop nine intellectual products and provide a concept to reduce the gender gap.

The SWinG concept relies primarily on the potential for mentoring and a support network of emerging women leaders with similar ideas or aspirations. That is why, partners are launching call for participants – both for mentor and for mentees – inviting everyone to be part of the SWinG mentorship programme.

The SWinG mentoring scheme has been designed as a mid-term transformative change programme. With this scheme, partners would like to encourage more women to step up by providing them the support and network they need and deserve.

If you would be interested or know someone who might be, this is your chance to step up and be part of the adventure.

The contact point from Lazio side is EMCA Project Manager Gabriella Bascelli (

For further information, please visit SWinG Official Website.

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