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Christina Tsiligkiri visits Istanbul

Christina Tsiligkiri, President of the European Multisport Club Association (EMCA), recently concluded an official visit to Istanbul, hosted graciously by Tacspor, the pioneering sports club of Turkey. This visit marked a significant step in fostering stronger interclub partnerships within the European sports community.

During her visit, Ms. Tsiligkiri was honored to tour the esteemed facilities of Galatasaray as Tacspor’s guest. She engaged in insightful discussions on the club’s rich history with President Polat Bengiserp and received a comprehensive tour of the Galatasaray Museum from Director Çağlar Şavkay. Additionally, Ms. Tsiligkiri explored Galatasaray High School and University, emphasizing the crucial role of education in sports organizations and highlighting the robust cooperation existing within the European sports landscape.

In her statement following the visit, Ms. Tsiligkiri expressed gratitude to Tacspor and Galatasaray for their warm hospitality and for extending this invaluable opportunity. She underscored the pivotal role of educational initiatives, particularly exemplified by Galatasaray’s educational institutions, which she views as a commendable model for major clubs across Europe.

Statement from Christina Tsiligkiri:

“I extend my sincere thanks to Tacspor and Galatasaray for their gracious invitation and hospitality during my visit to Istanbul. The opportunity to witness firsthand the rich heritage and educational endeavors of Galatasaray has been truly inspiring. Their commitment to education as a cornerstone of club development sets a notable example for sports organizations across Europe. Tacspor, as the foremost sports club in Turkey, leads by example as the hub of sporting excellence in their country.” This visit not only strengthened ties between EMCA and Turkish clubs but also underscored the shared commitment to advancing sports education and collaboration across borders.

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