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SantCugatCreix celebrates its 10th anniversary

On June 6, SantCugatCreix celebrated its 10th anniversary. An event was held with over 200 participants in attendance, where various talks and roundtable discussions were held with the attendants from the 7 clubs of SantCugatCreix. The president, Miquel Martínez, re-iterated the significance of the achievements over the last 10 years, including the participation in various European projects and collaborations with sporting and academic entities, stating “we see sport like a powerful educational tool and also as an economic engine…”. 

In January 2024, SantCugatCreix became the first Spanish member of the European Multisport Club Association (EMCA). The mayor of Sant Cugat, Josep Maria Vallès, congratulated SantCugatCreix on their 10-year anniversary and on their role in initiatives and projects that helps their city as well as throughout Europe. The inclusion of Sant Cugat Creix into EMCA will also help position Sant Cugat in the international arena. 

We congratulate SantCugatCreix on this momentous occasion and milestone in its history.

Photos: @santcugatcreix

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