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EU TeqGames Open Day in Piraeus, by Olympiacos

On May 13, 2024, the vibrant city of Piraeus witnessed a spectacular event as Olympiacos hosted their TeqGames Open Day. The event was a huge success, drawing more than 230 children and several adults to participate in a day filled with sports, learning, and fun.

The participants were warmly welcomed and received special T-shirts emblazoned with the project logo and a list of the participating clubs, creating a sense of unity and excitement among the attendees. The sight of children proudly wearing their new T-shirts added to the festive atmosphere of the day.

To emphasize the importance of healthy living, the organizers placed banners around the event area displaying nutritional guidelines. These guidelines were further reinforced by the organizers throughout the event, ensuring that both children and adults were reminded of the benefits of good nutrition.

In line with this healthy theme, fruit such as bananas and oranges, along with water, were provided to all participants. These refreshments kept everyone energized and hydrated, supporting the active participation of all attendees.

The outdoor event was very well received by the participants. The children, ranging in age and brimming with enthusiasm, eagerly engaged in various Teq sports activities. The presence of some adults also added to the community spirit, making it a true family event.

The success of this Open Day not only showcased the popularity and appeal of Teq sports but also set a positive tone for the upcoming 1st EU Teq Games, scheduled to take place in Piraeus later this year. The enthusiasm and positive feedback from participants indicate a bright future for Teq sports in the region.

Olympiacos is thrilled with the outcome and looks forward to building on this momentum as they prepare for the upcoming EU Teq Games. The event demonstrated the power of sport to bring people together, promote healthy living, and create lasting memories.

Stay tuned for more updates and join us in Piraeus for the 1st EU Teq Games later this year! Let’s continue to celebrate the growth and excitement of Teq sports together.

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