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EU TeqGames Open Days in Sofia, by Levski

Levski Sport for All recently organized two impactful Open Days at different schools within their community, demonstrating their commitment to promoting Teq sports and healthy living. The first event took place on April 25, 2024, followed by another in May 2024, collectively engaging 270 participants. These included predominantly children, alongside enthusiastic adults eager to participate in the activities.

Each participant received a participation certificate, fostering a sense of accomplishment and belonging among the children. This gesture highlighted Levski Sport for All’s dedication to recognizing and celebrating the efforts of every individual involved.

The Open Days were strategically held in underprivileged areas of the city, underscoring Levski Sport for All’s mission to reach and positively impact diverse communities. Nutritional wellbeing was a central theme throughout the events, with informative banners, pamphlets distributed to children and parents, and nutritious food and drinks provided. To ensure ongoing education, the schools have prominently displayed these materials, reinforcing the importance of healthy living beyond the event itself.

Levski SFA’s presence at the schools was marked by the participation of President Lusien Velchev, Secretary General Vanina Milanova, Head Coach Ivo Velchev, and four dedicated coaches. Reflecting on the success of the Open Days, Vanina Milanova remarked, “We were thrilled to involve the entire school community, with significant participation from female students. This project embodies key EU priorities that we strive to uphold daily within our club.”

The positive impact of Levski Sport for All’s initiatives extends far beyond the Open Days, fostering community engagement, promoting health awareness, and inspiring future generations through the spirit of Teq sports. As they continue to lead by example, Levski Sport for All remains committed to creating lasting benefits for their community and beyond.

Stay tuned for more updates as we celebrate the ongoing success and impact of Teq Games with Levski Sport for All!

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