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EU TeqGames Open Days in Rome, by Lazio

On October 12, 2023, S.S. Lazio Teqball conducted their first session at Liceo Scientifico Plinio Seniore High School in Rome, Italy. During this introductory session, students from all grades, along with professors, coaches, and sports staff, were introduced to Teqball and other Teq sports. In alignment with the HealthyLifestyle4All initiative of the European Union, a nutritionist held a workshop on physical and nutritional well-being, complementing the team’s explanation of the history and rules of Teqball. The enthusiasm from students was palpable, setting the stage for the practical sessions.

President Andrea Paolini expressed his delight, stating, “Today we were able to introduce five new sports to the students of L.S. Plinio. Through the EU Teq Games project, co-funded by the European Union and in collaboration with Olympiacos SFP, Levski SFA, Aalborg, Feyenoord, HASK Mladost, and EMCA, we encourage gender equality as well as the promotion of physical activity and healthy lifestyles. The students and teachers were incredibly enthusiastic about this new sport and the possibility of using the table for other sports. We hope to make a positive impact on these students.”

On November 9, 2023, S.S. Lazio Teqball hosted the second open day and awareness-raising session for the EU Teq Games project at the Liceo Scientifico Plinio Seniore. The event, led by S.S. Lazio Head Coach Giovanni Ieradi and professional players, saw over 150 students participate in a six-hour training session where they showcased their potential and skills in Teqball. To support the ongoing practice of Teq sports, S.S. Lazio Teqball provided the school with two Teqlite tables and necessary equipment, inviting students to continue practicing at their premises free of charge.

President Andrea Paolini emphasized the importance of project sustainability, committing to regular school visits to assist with training sessions. Additionally, seven physical education teachers from the school achieved their first-level coaching certificate, officially recognized by FITEQ (International Federation of Teqball), further embedding the sport into the school’s curriculum.

Lazio Teqball extended their efforts to two schools, conducting open days at each. These events were divided into theoretical and practical sessions. The theoretical day introduced basic rules and included nutritional workshops, while the practical day allowed children to play Teq sports and apply what they had learned. Not only did the children learn and play Teqball and other Teq sports, but coaches, teachers, and other adults participated as well, creating a festive and inclusive atmosphere. Impressively, even elderly participants over 60 joined in the fun.

The first open day took place at a central Rome school from mid-October (theory) to early November (practical days). The second school open day occurred in Tor Bella Monaca, from late February to mid-March 2024. Overall, nearly 430 people—including children, adults, and the elderly—participated in these successful events. The average participation split was nearly equal between males and females, highlighting the broad appeal of Teq sports. Additionally, Lazio Teqball was one of the few partners to include differently-abled participants, demonstrating the inclusive nature of the sport.

The significant interest in Teqball in Rome is promising as the city prepares to host the second Euro Teq Games in 2025. Increasing awareness and participation in the sport now will undoubtedly attract more spectators and participants to the event, ensuring its success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to promote Teq sports and healthy lifestyles in Rome and beyond!

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