EMCA members ready for the General Assembly in Brussels

EMCA announces the new General Assembly of our Multisport Club Members. Next 4th February, our Partners are meeting in Brussels, to develop the new plan of actions for the next cooperative months. The Assembly will start at 16.30 and will be held in the “Salle des Milices” of the Municipal Hall of Brussles (Grand Place, 1). We are glad to have the possibility to meet inside one of the symbols of the EU Capital and we would like to thank the Municipality of  Brussels.

The meeting is represent a good occasion to share ideas about future actions and to present those projects who started in 2019. The event will see the presence of guests from EPSI (European Platform for Sports Innovation) and from IFBI (International Football Business Institute). The latter will present the outcomes of the convention recently established with us. 

After the meeting, Clubs’ representatives will take part to our institutional dinner at «La Rose Blanche» Restaurant in the Grand Place as well. The day after, our EMCA delegation will attend the annual Erasmus+ Sport Infoday promoted by the European Commission.