EMCA & IFBI Brussels sign a new partnership!

The International Football Business Institute, located in Brussels, has signed an academic partnership with  the European Multisport Club Association. Together, IFBI & EMCA will carry out new research in the field of football business and share content, knowledge and experiences. Head prize for IFBI students? A three-month internship.

Partnership outlines

The new partnership between EMCA and IFBI is all about member participation through the sharing of content, knowledge and experiences. For example, throughout the academic year, EMCA staff members will follow specific topics taught in IFBI’s Postgraduate Course in Brussels. On the other hand, EMCA staff members are invited for a lectureship at IFBI in Brussels.

One of the main goals of the partnership is to enhance creativity and to carry out new research in the field of football business.EMCA has the possibility to ask IFBI to create an in-depth research report, based upon a challenge the organisation is currently facing. “This research opportunity is an exclusive way for EMCA to get information on specific topics, this with insights coming from experts in the field”, says EMCA General Secretary Federico Eichberg.

Student internship

One of the highlights of this collaboration is a summer internship for one IFBI student per academic year,for a minimum of three months. To align the needs of the organisation and the profile of the student, interested students have the possibility to write a research report in favour of EMCA. The student with the best report has the possibility to do the internship.

New opportunities

“Through this new partnership, we want to give our students the right set of tools to launch their careers in the world of professional football”, says Simon Van Kerckhoven, CEO of the International Football Business Institute . “As we tackle different approaches to management in football, we are keen on working together with EMCA to bring our course to an even higher level”.

About IFBI

The International Football Business Institute (IFBI), located in heart of Europe, is the first football business institute in the world. In partnership with the University of Brussels (VUB), it offers a one-year Postgraduate course in which it prepares future executives with a passion for football and business, for a successful career in the football industry. Read more at