Fradi inaugurates accessible Parking at the Groupama Arena

Ferencvarosi Torna Club is one of the most active EMCA members, who always pays attention not only to the sports field, but also to social aspects of sport and communities. The last demonstration of these internal policies arrived last week, when the Hungarian Club inaugurated a specific parking for people with disabilities at the Groupama Arena.

Here below you can find the article taken from the Official Ferencvaros Website:

Viktor Paján, facility manager of Népliget Sports Center told us that the club and Provident launch a project every year where they aim to create value for the community. This year this project was creating a parking area for disabled people at the Groupama Arena.

– This is a noble purpose – says Botond Szirmák, CEO at Provident. – We are 3,000 people working at Provident and almost 200 of us have some form of disability. For them, these projects are especially important. When they would like to visit the stadium, they need accessible parking, and comfortable routes to the gates and sectors. That is why we want to stand up for all CSR projects.

The unveiling of the parking area took place before the FTC-Újpest derby.

– On behalf of Ferencváros, I am grateful for this parking area – says Zoltán Nyíri, COO of FTC. – With this parking lot we will make many Ferencváros supporters’ life easier. It does not matter from now on if they have reduced mobility or sit in a wheelchair. I am grateful in their names as well. This parking lot is built with Western European standards, I hope that all our disabled athletes and supporters will be able to use it at their ease.

András Igaz, Managing Director of the stadium operator, LSH Kft, expressed his happiness that the supporters could explore this new area on a full-house game. Sándor Sas, disabled powerlifter of Ferencváros participated on the event as well.

– I meet many disabled parking lots which are built without paying attention to the details. Looking around here we can see that everything was taken well care of and the stadium became really accessible. I see this as a very positive action – expressed his happiness Sándor Sas.