EMCA General Assembly in Zagreb: a summary about our steps

A summary about what has been done, with a focus on what we could have done better and on the next steps we will do. In few words, these were the contents of EMCA General Assembly, the second one of this year, taking place in the beautiful atmosphere of the University of Zagreb.

Brilliantly hosted by EMCA Secretary General Federico Eichberg, the meeting went smoothly, touching several hot topics. First of all, enlargement of the partnership, that passes from 21 members to 24; secondly, about the next opportunities and challenges that our Association will face in next future.

After a honest and deep analysis made by Bojan Mijatovic about the points of strength and the difficulties that were faced in the development of Sport MyWAY Project – the Project Coordinator stressed the importance of communication among Clubs to strengthen our partnership; the meeting was carried on touching the next steps that will made by our Multisport Clubs in the network.

EMCA Clubs presented 22 Project in the last Erasmus+ Call (15 of them, with an EMCA Club main applicant). So, a part of the meeting was dedicated to sharing experiences and recommendations about the most important aspects, both organisational and regarding the budget that our Clubs could face. Commitment of Clubs in this sense will be crucial, but their positive feedback makes us confident about future and new priorities (i.e. Active Ageing, Sport Tourism, Structural funds).

Last but not least, Ineska Jakopanec and Dunja Bracun from HAŠK Mladost presented the new EMCA Programme EMCA Studia, with first publication that will be available online soon. Regarding future, another important aspect was represented by the European Week of Sport, that will start next September in Wien.