You’re Hope Project: Kick-off meeting at Olympiacos SFP Headquarter

After months of cooperative work, the day has finally arrived: the Erasmus+ Project You’reHope, realised by Olympiacos SFP, with the cooperation of Levski SC and Aab has officially started.  The efforts made by our team in presenting this Erasmus+ Small Collaborative partnership last April are now tangible and put in practice last Saturday, thanks to the amazing kick-off meeting organised by Olympiacos SFP.

Directly from the official website of the project, we are glad to share the report of this great Multisport Day: 

An amazing meeting took place for the official start of the ‘’You’re Hope’’ project in the headquarters of Olympiacos SFP yesterday. Christina Tsiligkiri, the General Secretary of Olympiacos and Project Coordinator, welcomed the representatives of the partners in Piraeus having a beneficial discussion about the further development of the project.EMCA represented by the General Secretary, Federico Eichberg, Levski-Sport for all by the President, Lusien Velchev and the General Secretary, Vanina Milanova while Mette Andersen, the project leader of AaB participated via Skype.

In few words, ‘’You’re Hope’’ is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and coordinated by Olympiacos with the involvement of Levski-Sport for all, AaB and EMCA. The aim is clear: promoting the social integration of refugees through sports in the local communities of the partners an increase the awareness of the society. The most important actions of the projects are the research about the sport preferences of the refugees and the organization of multisport activities for them with the participation of professional athletes, coaches and supporters.

In the first part of the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to discuss further details of the project. First of all, Olympiacos as the main Coordinator, presented an overview of the project including the main phases such project preparation, implementation and communication policy. A special reference was made to the graphical development and the choice of the project logo. As the Olympiacos representatives mentioned, this logo represents in the best possible way the spirit of ‘You’re Hope’’. The life vest is necessary for the survival of refugees during a boat transfer in difficult weather conditions. Also, the different colours of skins symbolize the social equality, the different origins of the refugees and of people that offer their assistance and contribute to their rehabilitation. Finally, the red and white are the colours of Olympiacos and are also associated with the power and the passion to assist the refugees and the innocence and purity that characterize them. Moreover, the partners discussed about the financial management of the project and their obligations during its implementation.

 A delegation of the ‘’ARSIS’’ (Association for the social support of Youth) which organize activities in the safe zone of Sxisto, was also present in this meeting so as to describe their social work related to the integration of unaccompanied young refugees in the local community of Piraeus. It is highly mentioned that all the partners accepted with enthusiasm the support of this Organization in the phase of the collection of data about sport preferences of the refugees. This cooperation will be very beneficial for the development of the most appropriate multisport approach of these vulnerable populations.