135 years: happy birthday, Wiener Sport-Club!

On February 24th in 1883, 18 men decided to establish the ”Wiener Cyclisten – Club”. Since this day, the founders of the club did not walk; they rode, but right away from the start.

Riding on a high-wheel bicycle was hard and had to be practiced. The first ride took place on March 22nd from Alserbachstraße to Neuwaldegg and back, which is around 15 kilometres. It was not a tour around the world, but it was the first sportive activity of the club! A milestone in history of the club.

The first thousand ridden kilometres were achieved after three months. It was Mr. Opitz Josef, who had the honour to burst through this cornerstone. On June 29th 1883, he started his ride from Alserbachstraße to Linz in Upper Austria. Two days later, on July 1st, he arrived in Linz. On April 26th in 1885, the cycling section won the first national title – Engelmann Eduard was the Austrian tricycle champion.

On May 13th in 1885, the club started to be a multisport club, by introducing fencing. The first women have been introduced on September 13th in 1893!

The most honourable day was on July 17th in 1898! The “Wiener Cyclisten – Club” was invited to Bad Ischl, the summer residence of the emperor Franz Josef, to show their skills in front of his majesty.

On February 7th in 1907, another section was introduced to the club. Due to this change, the name of the club was substituted to “Wiener Sport – Club”, short WSC, which is the clubs name until today! It was the first day of football at WSC.

At the Olympic summer games 1912, in Stockholm, the club was sending five athletes to participate. After the 1st World War a “football boom” in Austria began. It was also the time of a lot of political tension. Due to that, the WSC decided to be open to every person, every religion and to be unpolitical. The 20’s of the 1900 years were the height for the club in sporty and organisational aspect. In addition, the club has grown. Many sections have been introduced since then, but also some of them disappeared again, mostly because of the 2nd World War.

The history of the club is full of wonderful moments and many titles! We are all proud of being a part of the WSC – family! With this spirit, we want to raise our glasses with our friends and move on, for at least, the next 135 years.