International Holocaust Remembrance Day: the story of Árpád Weisz

Remembering the past, in order to transmit to future generations the importance of not repeating the same terrible mistakes. Today is the International Holocaust Remembrance Day; today we remember the story of a great man, a great sportsman, who lived his life in the name of sport, before dying  Auschwitz in 1944.

His name was Árpád Weisz and he was a Hungarian football player and manager. Weisz was Jewish and he played as a right wing both in Hungary and in Czechoslovakia, before coming in Italy playing for Alessandria and Internazionale. After retiring in 1926, he become coach, and brought Internazionale to Scudetto in 1930. He lived his life for sport, for coaching, and he had among his player the Italian star Giuseppe Meazza.

He coached Bari, Novara and Bologna. In Bologna, he won two league titles with a great team nicknamed “the one who makes the world tremble”. He was at the top of his creer, when he was forced to flee Italy with his wife and two children following the enactment of the Italian Racial Laws.

Weisz moved in Netherlands, in the little town of Dordrecht, and even in that place he did not stop coaching: he trained the local team with excellent results, bringing the team to an incredible fifth place in 1940. He was he last year of his career, since due to the Nazi Occupation of the Country, he was forced to move to the Westerbork Transit Camp, dying in 1944 in Auschwitz.

His legacy is still today present: commemorative plates and areas remembering him are present in many of the cities were he lived: Milan, Novara, Bari, and – obviously – Bologna.