29-30th January: EMCA Clubs ready for General Assembly and Erasmus+ Sport InfoDay

It is becoming a tradition: EMCA Meetings and Erasmus+ Info Day are two rings of the same chain. In Brussels, two years ago, we chose this date in occasion of the Sport&Support Intermediate Meeting; last year, we did the same for Sport MyWay kick-off event. In 2018, next 29th-30th January our Clubs will meet for the General Assembly that will lead us towards the next Erasmus+ Sport projects to present; and our presence in the Capital of Europe will give us the occasion to attend the Erasmus+ InfoDay 2018.

Our partners are indeed meeting for an institutional dinner next 29th January, starting organising ideas regarding our future EMCA steps.

The day after, 30th January, for the third year in a row, our Multisport Clubs will participate to the Erasmus+ Sport Info Day organised by EACEA, that will give the guidelines about the EU Sport Programme. The InfoDay will take place at Charlemagne Building and, as always, it will represents a good occasion to receive information by the EU Institutions and to ask them for feedback.  During the InfoDay, speakers will discuss the policy, give advice and tips on preparing and submitting proposals, and provide support with the financial aspects of funding. There will also be a chance to network and meet potential partners as well as to see examples of past Sport success stories (you can find more information here).