Vikos Street Relays: great initiative of Olympiacos SFP with social impact

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We are proud to share with you this great news by Olympiacos.

Our Greek friends organize relay races in cooperation with the Municipality of Piraeus and the Foundation of Sport for Young People (OPAN) for fourth consecutive year. Vikos Street Relays are a series of races that aims to combine sporting activities with charitable actions and send social messages. Handing off the baton implies the cooperation among people of different age, standard of living and health disabilities so as to contribute to the common good and social development. The participation of athletes facilitates the promotion of the message of the sport, solidarity and teamwork. According to the Mayor of Piraeus, ‘’it is a successful race involving many athletes and citizens which aims to disseminate the message  that it is not only a running event but also proves the relevance between sport and health and offers help to those who need it’’.

This year, the event is dedicated to Takis Ventikos who was an important personality for Olympiacos and Greek athletics. Also, its revenues will be available for the treatment of the 17-year-old diving champion Androgeos Sampsakis. This athlete had a serious injury a month ago as during his training, he fell into a swimming pool, broke his spinal column provoking damage to bone marrow and causing mobility impairments. Christina Tsiligkiri, General Secretary of Olympiacos SFP mentioned: ‘’I am very satisfied that Olympiacos organizes this event for fourth consecutive year. This year, there is a dual character of particular importance. First of all, the event aims to honour Takis Ventikos who was the founder of Olympiacos’ athletics and the second reason concerns the young athlete Androgeos Sampsakis that needs our financial and psychological support for his treatment’’. The huge cost of the treatment and the financial difficulties of the athlete’s family led Olympiacos SFP to raise the money in order to contribute to the athlete’s treatment and as a result, to continue assisting persons with disabilities to find their way through sports.

Thanks to Christina Tsiligkiri for her kind cooperation.