SWinG Project: Mentors Orienteering session in Paris

The SWinG partners, among which there is Circolo Canottieri Lazio, are aiming at addressing one of the sport pressing challenge. That is of bringing in more diversity in the boardroom. To do so they have been working hard since January this year to develop a concept meant to help close the gender gap.

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Not only Erasmus+: Olympiacos SFP selected in Horizon 2020

New opportunities and challenges for one of our EMCA Clubs. Beside the twelve Projects that where chosen by the EU Commission in the framework of the Erasmus+ Sport Programme, next year one of them will take part in a Horizon 2020 Project. We are talking about Olympiacos SFP, who is part of “Data Vaults” Project, who has been selected in H2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme.

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Erasmus+ Sport: twelve Projects for EMCA Clubs will start in 2020

The results of the SPORT 2019 Erasmus+ Call for Proposals are now line and results smile to our Multisport Clubs. In 2020, four EMCA Projects are going to start, in particular two small collaborative partnership and two “big” collaborative partnership. But that’s not all, since, other eight projects see the presence of our Clubs, for a total of twelve.

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