The European Commission recently published the results of the applications for project funding that were submitted under the Erasmus Plus Call for Proposals for 2022.

We are happy to advise that EMCA has been directly granted funding for 3 projects. In addition, there have also been a number of projects approved where EMCA’s members are involved.

  • EURO TEQ Games

This is the first project where EMCA is the co-ordinator, a testament to the strength and growth of EMCA and its network. In addition to EMCA, there are 7 partners, 6 of whom are EMCA members. The Project is centered around the promotion of Teqsports, a relatively new sports discipline where the games of Teqball (derived from football), Teqvoly (derived from volleyball), Teqpong (derived from ping-pong, Teqis (derived from Tennis) and Qatch (derived from Handball) is played on the versatile Teq Table. The sports cater to all genders and disabled athletes. The project will involve coaching courses for all partners and 2 EU Teq games will be held during the project period.

  • Sport T-Index

This 30-month project focuses on measures to support integrity intervention in sport. This is imperative due to the broad and diverse threats to integrity that exist in sport today, such as doping, corruption and match fixing. The project is to be coordinated by SIGA (Sport Integrity Global Allowance), with EMCA being one of 11 partners, which consists of clubs, leagues, national associations and international governing bodies. During the course of the project, the partners will use universally applicable and appropriate criteria to evaluate, compare and contrast basic integrity-related transparency indicators to help protect sport, as an entirety, from the bottom up and shine a light on specific areas where transparency needs to improve, quantifying norms across sport, region, leagues and competitions and by recognizing those that truly champion integrity in sport.

  • STAY! Decreasing Teenage dropout in sport

The STAY project (30 months) is to be coordinated by Hask Mladost, with EMCA being one of 6 other partners. The project objective is to influence and minimize the drop out rate of teens in sport clubs, with a specific emphasis on girls between the ages of 13-20 years of age. The encouragement of healthy lifestyles for this age group will be done by developing an e-learning platform where all relevant material to tackling drop out will be available for coaches and sport clubs and associations. Policies will also be developed to address this issue. All of this will be done whilst physical activities are actively promoted and encouraged for the target group.

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