"Women in Rowing', Circolo Canottieri Lazio ready for the historic regatta"


For the first time in Rome an international women's W8+ Junior race: the young athletes from Lazio, Olympiakos and Hask Mladost are protagonists.


The theme of equal opportunities is at the center of the discussion in the final press conference of the Women in Rowing project, which will culminate with the first international women's W8+ Junior race in the history of Rome scheduled for Saturday 4 June, 9 am at the Circolo Canottieri Lazio.


A historic regatta

A very important, inclusive and strategic initiative that will feature the girls of Lazio, Olympiakos and Hash Mladost, European partners of the project together with the Circolo Canottieri Lazio. The promotional regatta was born as an idea to encourage young girls (aged between 13 and 18 years old) to approach a discipline like that of the female 8 that until now has been conventionally considered unsuitable for them, but decidedly fascinating. The girls, in fact, will have the opportunity to use the fastest boat ever among those included in rowing specialties. The distance traveled will be 500 meters and there will be a first time trial: the crews who will make the best two times, will clash in a match race final, all full of fun and aggregation. The race will then conclude with the awarding of the Councillor for Sport of Rome Capital Alessandro Onorato and the Secretary General of the European Olympic Committee Ra!aele Pagnozzi.


The press conference

The press conference, moderated by journalist Valerio Alessandro Cassetta, and by the president of the S.S. Foundation Lazio 1900 Gabriella Bascelli, the president of the Circolo Canottieri Lazio Raffaele Condemi, the vice president of the FIC Lazio Committee Daniela Sanna, the president of the Lazio Coni Riccardo Viola, the delegate for Sport of the Lazio Region Roberto Tavani, the president of the Lazio club Campidoglio and city councilor Claudia Pappatà and the sports delegate of the II Municipality of Rome Alessandro Cavaliere.

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