European Multisport Club Association is not only sport events, but also teaching and education. Through the Erasmus+ Project Sport MyWAY , our Multisport Clubs have been promoting the creation of a new figure in the sport panorama: the Multisport Instructor. 

This creation has been made possible through a special Handbook promoted by HASK Mladost in 2017 and published in 2018, representing the first publication of our brand new book series “EMCA Studia”.

EMCA Studia is available online and on this page you will be able to read and download the works made by our expert, starting from “Multisport Approach for Young Athletes”, that is readable online here below and downloadable from this link.

The second EMCA Studia is a result of the Sports&Diabetes project that came as an idea from within the member clubs.

Many young people living with diabetes are not aware of the role physical activity can play in managing diabetes and often, because of lack of knowledge of gym teachers, coaches and even parents, they are excluded from doing sports. While some publications on this topic exist, they are mainly scientific, targeted at healthcare professionals and not easily reachable and understandable for the general public.

The partners in the Sports&Diabetes project set out to create a simple, comprehensive, and easy-to-use publication that quickly provides information about the basics of doing sport when living with diabetes. This enables all persons living with diabetes to participate in sport activities. This publication contributes to debunking the stigma that one cannot practice sports if they have diabetes, can help clarify many misunderstandings and can serve as a step-by-step tool for everybody who is interested in the topic of diabetes and engaging in different types of physical activity.

The publication was created in two formats. One is the guidebook that gives  information for coaches gym teachers, parents and all people living with Type 1 Diabetes. The second is the comic book that gives the basic information about diabetes in a simple child friendly way for kids up to 12 years of age.

The project through this publication wants to convey the clear message that, with a few necessary steps, such as measuring and monitoring blood glucose before, during, and after the sports activity, with backup storage of insulin, on hand carbohydrates, emergency contacts in place etc., a person living with diabetes will be empowered to make the right decisions and be able to enjoy sport activities.

The PDF version of the publication in English as well as versions in other languages, and additional materials are available at

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