Ferencváros torna club

Foundation Year: 1899

Number of sport section: 19

Number of Athletes: 3,000

Ferencvárosi Torna Club was founded on the 3rd of May in 1899, its first president was dr. Ferenc Springer. The colors of the club are green and white which was taken from the Hungarian flag, and the motto is Moral, Strength, Unity. FTC had also several sections in the beginning, and currently there are 19. The club’s most successful sport in the the past 12 decades was men’s football. In 1965 our football team won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, with this title our club is the only Hungarian club to win a European cup in football. Flórián Albert the only Hungarian Ballon d’Or winner is also one of the legends of Ferencváros. Until 2022 the football team has won 32 National League titles and 23 Hungarian Cup titles, which is also a record in Hungary.

The club’s ice hockey team is also a record holder. By winning National League in 2022 it has 29 National Championship titles and 15 Hungarian Cup titles. With these merits it is by far the most successful club in Hungary.

The men’s water polo team holds 23 National Championship titles and 21 Hungarian Cup titles, and is also among the most notable teams in Europe with 1 Champion’s League trophy, 4 LEN Cup Winners' Cup titles, 2 LEN Euro Cup titles and 3 LEN Super Cup titles.

The club’s women’s handball team is also among the most notable teams in Europe. Besides 3 EHF Cup Winners' Cup and one EHF Cup titles, the team has 13 National Championship titles and 13 Hungarian Cup titles.

Among team sports our world champion ninepin bowlers are also outstanding. They have won 1 European Champion Clubs’ Cup title, 3 World Cup titles and 6 European Cup titles.

Ferencváros is also outstanding worldwide among individal sports in wrestling, gymnastics, kayak and canoe, swimming, and short track speed skatings, and used to be in the world elite in boxing, table tennis and figure skating too.

Until 2022 the athletes of FTC have won 31 Olympic, 47 World Championship and 82 European Championship gold medal for Hungary. The supporter base of FTC, the legendary B-közép (B-Middle) is also one of the very first organized suppoter base in the world. They have been supporting the football team since 1928, which makes them the oldest organised fan base in the world. Fradi was the first Hungarian club to play a major role in social responsibility and in the fight against exclusion, but was also the first club to establish a Fair Play award in order to set an example for all Hungarians.

Main Achievements:


Fair Play Award of Hungarian Olympic Committee: 2012, 2017, 2019

Fair Play Award of International Fair Play Committee: 2020

Sport Club of the Year Award from National Federation Of Hungarian Sports Associations: 2020

Hungarian Team of the Year Award: 2011 (FTC Women’s Handball Team), 2019 (FTC Men’s Waterpolo Team)


Number of World Championship titles: 47

Number of European Championship titles: 82

Number of Olympic Championship titles: 31


Men’s Football:

32x Hungarian Champion

23x Hungarian Cup Winner

6x Hungarian Super Cup

2x League Cup Winner

1x Inter-cities Fairs Cup Winner (1965)

2x Central European Cup Winner (1928, 1937)

2x Champions League, Group stage (1995, 2020)

2x Europa League, Group stage (2019, 2021)

1x UEFA Cup, Group stage (2004)


Women’s Football:

4x Hungarian Champion

6x Hungarian Cup Winner


Men’s Handball:
1x Hungarian Champion
1x Hungarian Cup Winner


Women’s Handball:

13x Hungarian Champion

13x Hungarian Cup Winner

3x Cup Winners’ Cup (1978, 2011, 2012)

1x EHF Cup Winner (2006)

2x EHF Champions League Finalist (1971, 2002)

2x Cup Winners’ Cup Finalist (1979, 1994)


Men’s Ice Hockey:

29x Hungarian Champion

15x Hungarian Cup Winner

2x Erste Liga Champion

2x Hungarian Super Cup Winner


Women’s Ice Hockey:

2x Hungarian Champion

2x Hungarian Cup Winner

1x DEBL Champion


Women’s Ninepin Bowling:

21x Hungarian Champion
3x World Cup Winner (1997, 2001, 2004)

6x Europe Cup (1989, 1990, 1991, 1995, 1996, 2011)


Men’s Ninepin Bowling:
15x Hungarian Champion
1x European Champion Clubs’ Cup (1977)

3x European Champion Clubs’ Cup 2nd place (1978, 1979, 1980)


Men’s Waterpolo:

23x Hungarian Champion

21x Hungarian Cup Winner

1x Champions League Winner (2019)
4x Cup Winners’ Cup (1974, 1977, 1979, 1998)

4x European Super Cup Winner (1977, 1979, 2018, 2019)

2x Euro Cup Winner (2017, 2018)

1x Champions League Finalist (2021)
1x Cup Winners’ Cup Finalist (1978)

2x LEN Cup Finalist (1995, 1997)



3x Hungarian Champion

4x Hungarian Cup Winner


Women’s Basketball:
1x Hungarian Champion

1x Hungarian Cup Winner

Legal Address:
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