What is EMCA?

European Multisport Club Association (EMCA) is an organization promoted by clubs that carry out several sport disciplines, both professional and grass-root, under the same colours, symbols, organisation and denomination.

Multisport clubs embody the Olympic spirit by promoting the development and dissemination of all the different sport disciplines, each one with the same dignity, as a mean of psycho-physical growth for each person based on his/her talents and the development of a full moral integrity.

Our clubs have developed, in fact, throughout the decades, a specific understanding of the different dimensions, impacts and needs of sport disciplines.

The association promotes the activities of the affiliated sports clubs operating on European scale and carries out projects aimed at the dissemination of healthy lifestyles, the exchange of good practices, the fight against doping, intolerance and violence, the access to sport for people with disabilities, social inclusion of immigrants and gender equality.

Our Association represent one of the most significant segments of the European Sport system in terms of titles:

More than 350 Golden Olympic Medals

  • • More than 4000 National titles 

  • • More than 2000 International titles

  • • Hundreds of thousands of athletes

  • • Thousands of coaches

  • • Thousands of managers

  • • Millions of fans across Europe







Multisport & EU

The European Sport Model can be seen as a pyramid, where the basis is represented by the amateur and grass-roots athletes and teams, while the top by professional athletes and teams. In the European movement, there are only few actors that can represent both these two levels, with their own interests, balances and needs. Here are only few actors that can represent both these two levels, with their own interests, balances and needs: Multisport Clubs, i.e. sports clubs that have different sports sections – both professional and amateur – under the same colours, symbols and organisation

Multisport & EU

EMCA Studia

European Multisport Club Association is not only sport events, but also teaching and education

EMCA Studia


We are members of EPSI (European Platform for Sport Innovation), a networking organisation within Europe that focuses on innovation in the areas of physical activity related to sport



In the European sport system a significant role is played by multisport clubs, who – through their multiple involvement on a large variety of sports – understand better than anyone else the different dimensions, impacts, needs.

In order to focus their efforts into a common direction, Società Sportiva Lazio and other 26 Multisport Clubs are part of a pan-European network, associating top clubs who dedicate their energies to both professional and grassroots sports: the European Multisport Club Association.


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